Meeting of Transport Ministers: Road Safety – Not Discussed – Politics

If anything is currently in stark contrast to each other, it is the health concerns of the population in terms of Corona and the same concerns about road safety. While the whole of politics is in a hurry to regulate here, you can’t feel it. Apart from the excessive speed limit on motorways, many road users are still waiting for acceptable and safe concepts to separate bicycle and car traffic.

The motto is “Auto first”, the rest must give way. Federal Minister of Transport Andreas Scheuer emphatically does not believe in speed reductions in urban areas. Parking in the second row is still common, truck turning offs still run over people who have disappeared into the blind spot and an ubiquitous call to keep a safe distance, as in the case of Corona, was for the minimum distance of 1.50 meters that motorists had to keep off the bicycle, not even visible.

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Rather than passionately crafting and discussing security proposals, as with the virus, the opposite is the case in terms of traffic – meaning the failed fines catalog reform, which would have resulted in higher fines for speeders, among other things.

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It is also fitting that the virtual meeting of the transport ministers of the federal states and the federal transport minister on Wednesday and Thursday will mainly focus on a pandemic emergency plan for European freight transport. On the other hand, a core document of the federal and state governments on increasing road safety should not play a major role. The paper, which was submitted in advance to the German news agency, called for a safe infrastructure, understandable rules and consistent regulatory supervision, among other things.

Traffic safety is actually more important in pandemic times: the streets have become busier. People who want to avoid local public transport are in cars or on bicycles, more specifically: in cars that are getting bigger and more powerful – keyword: SUVs and the like – and on bicycles that are getting faster and faster – keyword: e-bikes. In addition, it is autumn with dark and wet days, which worsens the view of the traffic situation and makes the risk of accidents even greater. Fans of reasonably regulated traffic can only dream of the Netherlands. Will there ever be comparable modern, safe, people and environmentally friendly traffic concepts in this country? The ministerial switch to transport in these days will hardly help.

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