“Rollercoaster of symptoms”: Melania Trump describes Covid 19 disease – son Barron was also infected – politics

Nearly two weeks after her corona diagnosis, First Lady Melania Trump announced that US President Donald Trump and her son Barron had contracted the virus. The 14-year-old had shown no symptoms and has now been tested negative for the corona virus again, Melania Trump said Wednesday.

The 50-year-old looked back in her post on her own Covid 19 disease. “I was very lucky that my diagnosis was accompanied by minimal symptoms, even though they all hit me at the same time and in the days that followed it seemed like a rollercoaster of symptoms. to become.” She has now tested negative for the coronavirus and will return to hers soon. To fulfill obligations.

The US president’s corona diagnosis had plunged the US into unprecedented uncertainty just weeks before the November 3 election. His illness and especially his three-day hospitalization were followed with as much attention as his return to the public. The First Lady, who was in the White House, faded into the background.

No one seemed to be asking about son Barron after spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham reported a negative test result on Oct. 2. But it shouldn’t stop there. Melania Trump now wrote, “Like so many parents in recent months, I couldn’t help but think,” What about tomorrow or the day after tomorrow? “My fear was fulfilled when he was tested again and the test was positive. Luckily he is a tough teenager and showed no symptoms.”

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Trump, in particular, has taken every opportunity since his release from hospital last Monday to show strength. On their return to the White House, he called on Americans to “not be afraid of Covid” and not let it rule their lives. He also claimed he felt better than he did 20 years ago. About the contamination of his son, Trump told supporters in Des Moines, Iowa on Wednesday evening, “He talked so briefly. I don’t even think he knew he had it. ‘

“I had body aches, cough and headaches”

While Trump is accused of downplaying the threat posed by the virus and not showing empathy, the first lady changed the tone and expressed her condolences to the others affected. “If you are sick, or if you have a loved one who is sick, I think about you and will think about you every day,” wrote Melania Trump.

Melania Trump with her Barron Photo: AFP

The First Lady also made it clear that it is not normal to take such good care of the President’s family. And she explained the symptoms she experienced: “I had body aches, coughs and headaches and felt extremely tired most of the time.” From a medical point of view she had opted for a “more natural route” and decided “more for vitamins and healthy food”.

Her husband, who is nearly 24 years older than many other patients, probably had no choice but to aggressive treatment: he had, among other things, been treated with the antiviral drug remdesivir, anti-inflammatory drugs and an experimental cocktail of antibodies. According to many experts, the therapy suggested – contrary to the White House presentation – a more serious illness.

With Corona, the risk of serious disease progression increases with age. Effective treatment methods are being researched worldwide. Medicines such as remdesivir or dexamethasone are used in severe cases.

Melania Trump wrote that during her recovery she had the opportunity to think about many things: her family, friends and work. She also thought of the “hundreds of thousands of people” who are also affected by the disease across the country. However, hundreds of thousands fall short: nearly 7.9 million infections have been detected in the US. To date, more than 216,000 people have died after infection. (dpa)

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