Facebook and Twitter have restricted the publication of articles for the Biden family

This Wednesday October 14, 2020, the major American social networks Twitter and Facebook decided to restrict the distribution of an article from the New York Post that overwhelmed the Biden family. The controversial article points to a questionable relationship between Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden and a gas company in Ukraine during his four years spent abroad.

Overwhelming documents illegally restored

Founded in 1801, the major daily New York Post claims it received damned documents, including private messages and videos about Hunter Binder. This information was reportedly released by a relative of Donald Trump’s, Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York. The newspaper also reportedly received copies of emails illegally accessed from Hunter Biden’s computer when he had them repaired in a Delaware garage in 2019.

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The case dates back to 2014 when Hunter Biden worked for the gas company Burisma in Ukraine. He stayed there for 5 years and is believed to have allowed the company to escape a corruption investigation despite the fact that his father, Joe Biden, was Vice President of the United States during the Obama era. The current presidential candidate assures that he never discussed the matter with his son when he was in Ukraine.

When social media went up in flames on Wednesday, many Republicans followed suit, days before a major election. Josh Hawley, the Missouri Senator and Republican Party member, did not hesitate to denounce Facebook’s “bias”. Donald Trump, meanwhile, reprimanded the actions of Twitter and Facebook: “It’s so appalling that Twitter and Facebook removed the article about the damn emails linked to the sleeping Joe Biden and his son Hunter on the Internet, according to the New York Post” he tweeted.

Social networks are adamant in the face of hacking

Andy Stone, Facebook political communications officer, says the article will be pre-checked before it can be published as usual. In anticipation of the results, the social network reminds that the visibility of the New York Post article is available on the website of the famous daily newspaper. The latter also accused Facebook of being a “propaganda machine” and of having censored the content first before even asking questions.

Twitter has also banned White House spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany’s account for sharing the infamous article. The Twitter security team claimed they did not want to share this article, which was written with material hacked from Hunter Biden’s computer, which also violates its privacy policy: “We do not want to encourage piracy by allowing the distribution of illegally obtained documents”.

We want to provide much-needed clarity on the action we’ve taken on two NY Post articles that were first tweeted this morning.

– Twitter Safety (@TwitterSafety) October 14, 2020

Last 15 crucial days

On the eve of an election, social networks actively fight against Infox, especially against manipulative and racist ones. This bitter struggle is all the more difficult as we observe a growing number of people (+ 102%) interacting with fake messages on Facebook since 2016. In addition, on the same social network, “manipulative” articles increased by 293%.

This New York Post publication, addressed to the Biden family, comes at a crucial time, days before the presidential election. The next two weeks will be crucial for the candidate, depending on the results uncovered by the Information Review Department.

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