What are the best strategies for attracting new mobile app users?

It’s not that easy to hit the mark every time, is it? There are several characteristics that need to be considered to ensure that your mobile app capture strategy is optimal. In its latest whitepaper, Ad4Screen, a 100% agency for mobile marketing and media, gives you 10 tips for successfully attracting new prospects.

The agency makes the following observation: 50% of 18- to 35-year-olds use apps to find discounts, and 66% of them make in-app purchases.

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The potential of the market for mobile apps

When we know that 75% of the French have a smartphone, we better understand the potential of mobile applications. This is even more so given that 89% of the time spent on smartphones is spent browsing apps. The French use an average of 19 different applications per month. Last interesting statistic: 50% of the French use mobile applications to research product ideas.


It is important for marketers to understand that you are not using a mobile app like you would a mobile website. Just like a mobile website, it cannot be viewed as a website. In order to optimize your mobile application, Ad4Screen recommends focusing on different elements, such as: For example, the size of your banner, the action button, the color of the background or the graphics you are using.

Diversifying acquisition levers, the key to success?

To put the odds on your side, you need to do App Store SEO. An effective way to reference your application in the App Store to stand out from the first results. An increase in visibility, which generally means more traffic to your application. Ad4Screen also recommends that you diversify your acquisition levers, especially through social networks.

In France, 64% of internet users prepare their purchase by gathering information about the opinions of others while surfing the internet and especially on social networks. This is an ideal way to purchase for your mobile application. 42% of French respondents also believe that social networks can influence their buying behavior. It must be recognized that everything is easier with Instagram’s shopping feature.


To go even further, you can also run A / B testing to compare the performance of your publications. Test your creations with the same or a different audience and see how they react. You can then choose the publication that generates the best conversion rate for your mobile app. Do not forget to download the Ad4Screen white paper to take advantage of all the advice from this French agency and optimize your acquisition strategy.

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