Corona summit turns out to be a chaos rally: the rulers make failure too easy – political

And that should have been sensible? This meeting of 16 Prime Ministers plus the Chancellor was politically charged by the fact that it was heralded as a face-to-face event: attendance compulsory! And that in these times.

But then Chancellery Minister Helge Braun, himself a professor of medicine, added another factor by adding a ‘historical’ dimension to the whole. More is not possible. Failure is made easy. Too simple. And then this result!

Who should actually check what has been agreed, in private and public spaces? Mask requirement, number of participants, alcohol ban, etc. No country has so many police forces and the federal police have other things to do, for example to monitor demonstrations against this corona policy.

But the chairman of the prime minister’s conference, outgoing mayor of Berlin, Michael Müller, has promised control will be assured. A promise that Müller cannot keep given the current situation.

Just as other things are gradually being collected by the courts – the residency ban, over which a decision of the highest round has been embarrassingly postponed, or the curfew – a new outcome forms almost automatically: clapping wherever you look.

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Don’t the rulers have advisers – lawyers, not just virologists – who could warn them about failure? Because whatever is bad about it does not promote the reputation of the leading politicians. Even Angela Merkel’s is now down, even significantly.

But more than that, in the plight, it becomes clear once again that the heads of state are not green with each other, that they will continue to go it alone – provoking widespread displeasure among damn little states. And then the chancellor comes over and kind of makes what has been achieved bad by saying it is not enough for her. Given the situation: not a good idea.

Given the increasing number of infections, one of the most important commands of these hours is: no alarmism, no actionism and therefore no panic. First, really not to cause one.

Instead, it would have been good for those involved to think carefully about whether to continue like this hour after hour. So that people do not lose faith in what is politically oriented. It would therefore have been more sensible to redistribute test assignments and ensure that the following joint decisions are correct. All.

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