Immerse yourself in the heart of Growth Hacking with Grégoire Gambatto, the founder of Germinal

Many of us have heard about it, but we still have too little to know what growth hacking really is. To learn more about this paradoxically valued and particularly little known area of ​​marketing, we met Grégoire Gambatto, founder of Germinal, a growth hacking company that promises to “revolutionize” the growth of its partners.

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Growth hacking, quésaco?

Grégoire Gambatto likes to admit that growth hacking is still too little known today: “When I started my growth hacking activity in 2016, people found it both crazy and fascinating and at the same time they didn’t understand at all”. The question therefore seems legitimate and necessary: ​​What does this area of ​​marketing really consist of?

In its pure definition, it describes itself as “a set of marketing techniques that make it possible to rapidly and significantly accelerate a company’s sales growth,” but for Grégoire Gambatto, a growth hacker is above all “a person who does growth in unconventional ways generate “and whose main goal will be to generate sales and leads directly. For this and still, according to the founder of Germinal, a good growth hacker must have technical skills, but also and above all to have a real appetite for experiments In addition, the growth hacker is not prejudiced and is a person of many talents who can prove himself in writing, developing, managing paid advertising networks, etc.

Grégoire Gambatto is convinced of this: In the coming years, these rare and specialized profiles will be in increasing demand from both start-ups and agencies, both for open-ended contracts and freelancers. With demand growing, it was expected that salaries would rise and the recruitment hunt would certainly be in full swing. Good news for aspiring growth hackers, but not so good news for agencies who “should be capping on size since you’re kicking everyone on your team three to four times a week.” that inevitably poses major problems, ”assures Grégoire Gambatto.

Germinal, exponential growth and a development from service to product

Germinal was founded in March 2018 and will already have 31 employees in 2020. The strong and rapid growth is due in particular to a unique methodology based on four pillars: “Business Expertise”, which is illustrated by a team of several talents (copywriting, online advertising, SEO, design, e-mail, analysis etc.), the “Process & Tools”, which identifies redundant tasks in order to automate them, but also the column of “Data” or “Collaboration” “What makes it possible to do educational, mutual and relief work” to To create synergies that allow everyone to gain autonomy and achieve their goals “.

The formula pays off: Germinal currently has a turnover of 220,000 euros per month, compared to 110,000 euros in the same period last year. The growth has doubled from one year to the next, which shows Well, the success of the service offered by the company. However, Grégoire Gambatto is realistic: “Our growth as a service company is not sustainable. On the other hand, as a company that publishes a product that is scalable and can help other companies develop this “growth mentality” to get their business off the ground, I think that growth is sustainable. “

For this reason, Germinal made the decision to set up training at the beginning of the delivery. Here, too, the bet is a winner, as the company achieved sales of 100,000 euros with this product alone from the second month of operation. Building on this success, the company went one step further and launched l’Antichambre, an offer that, depending on the formula chosen, is between € 350 and € 800 per month and includes more than 60 hours of training in video format.

Grégoire Gambatto explains: “Depending on your industry, you will receive updates every week on the promotions carried out and the best content published. Someone marketing and acquiring for their business just has to log into the antechamber every week, spend half an hour there and manage to do x2 or x3 for the stocks that “He’ll commit himself to them during his week can take off. “

If this change of direction was a way for Germinal to continue its growth smartly and intelligently, it was also a way to respond to the crisis caused by Covid-19, as the company had lost 80% of its customers within just two days of delivery . Thanks to her training, she finally managed to get out of the game and weather the crisis without too many pitfalls with only a partial layoff and growing sales. An example of quick and effective adjustment in response to an unprecedented crisis.

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