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Stories are used everywhere today, but especially in social networks like Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook. A popular format that appeals to a large number of people and has many advantages: like simply highlighting products or an advertisement, a short format that allows you to get straight to the point but also get to grips with the community very easily .

The format is also tending to evolve on the web. There are tools for creating dedicated web stories such as: B. Make Stories or Once. The list of these tools is growing today with Holofy Products. This tool, available as a widget, as well as an iOS and Android application, allows you to create stories for the web from a smartphone. The Holofy application is collaborative and allows easy teamwork on the different stories. Holofy is a relevant tool, especially for ecommerce websites.

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Products presented in an authentic way

Once the application is installed, it is possible to film, edit, and live a story on a website directly from the application. Stories about Holofy Products have a maximum duration of 2 minutes. The advantage of the tool is that it enables a real product presentation, demonstration, etc. Thus, the customer hardly has a chance of being disappointed after receiving it, because he has seen the product in question from all angles and was even able to benefit from the feedback from the users!

Holofy allows you to record different types of videos, such as: E.g. preview, functions, instructions for use, unboxing … Holofy Products works with Woocommerce, WordPress etc. The videos are hosted under Holofy. With this tool, you can get higher conversion rates, get more engagement and reduce the bounce rate on a website! Customers make the right choice by having all the essentials available.

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