iPhone 12: MagSafe cases and chargers have arrived

The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro won’t be here until October 23rd. In the meantime, some people have already got their hands on accessories for the new iPhones. We find the MagSafe shells and chargers.

All iPhone 12s have magnets that you can use to work with MagSafe accessories. With the charger, for example, the iPhone is positioned exactly in the right place to enable “fast” wireless charging. The power is 15 W with a MagSafe charger and an iPhone 12 compared to 7.5 W with a conventional Qi charger.

Apple has stated that MagSafe is a whole ecosystem of accessories with the iPhone 12. We therefore find classic cases, card holders that we simply stick on the back of our iPhone 12 to stow cards and chargers.

– Filip Chudzinski (@choreographics) October 17, 2020

The MagSafe charger arrived next, well before the phone 😂 @ 9to5mac @bzamayo @ChanceHMiller

– Alex Marques (@ AlexMarques92) October 17, 2020

The MagSafe charger costs 45 euros. A MagSafe Duo charger will later be offered at a price not immediately known. The transparent case for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro is available at a price of 55 euros. It’s the same price for the silicone case. The cardholder is available at a price of 65 euros.

Apple states on its website that it is possible to place an order today and pick up MagSafe accessories from the Apple Store tomorrow.

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