Race for CDU chairmanship: Union leader Brinkhaus does not expect a vigorous party convention – politics

Union leader Ralph Brinkhaus does not expect a dramatic showdown for the CDU presidency at the scheduled party convention in December. “Swing through the room with enthusiasm – that won’t work,” Brinkhaus told Tagesspiegel on Sunday.

“Just as the decision between Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer and Friedrich Merz was made at the 2018 party convention in Hamburg, the 2020 race is guaranteed not to be decided at the party congress. The delegates will have in mind in advance who they will vote for. “

A party convention under Corona conditions means “bad times for good speakers” anyway. But “if you want to become party chairman, you have to do it every time,” said Brinkhaus. Whether the conference with 1,001 delegates in Stuttgart can take place at all depends on the corona situation.

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“We are always aware of our role model function,” said the CDU politician. The Federal Republic is in the worst crisis since its inception. “The top five on our agenda does not specify who will be the party leader,” Brinkhaus explains. “The fight against the pandemic must be an absolute priority.”

“End the Patchwork Quilt”

Brinkhaus is also pushing for another attempt at nationally uniform corona rules. It must now be “an end to the patchwork quilt”, Brinkhaus demanded in the Tagesspiegel on Sunday. “I have a lot of respect for the right of decision and the responsibility of prime ministers.

But I expect a consistent line, ”said the CDU politician. “Whoever wants to do the least should not be the bottleneck for a uniform solution.”

Brinkhaus also wants the Bundestag to intervene more strongly in the corona debate. It is not about executive powers for parliament. “I don’t want the German Bundestag to have to decide every week whether you can sit with two or three households privately,” said the CDU politician. For this there is more expertise at the federal and state level.

“But the Bundestag is where you have to create the legal basis, justify yourself for these measures and explain them,” Brinkhaus said. Should the majority of parliament find the measures taken excessive, it should withdraw the powers from the government “within our means”. Brinkhaus, however, rejected a blanket repeal of the government’s pandemic special rights. The corona emergency is just as serious today as it was in the spring.
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