Özdemir: “State-subsidized climate fraud”: SUVs are secret winners of the environmental bonus for electric cars – Politics

It turns out that SUV manufacturers in particular benefit from the environmental bonus for electric cars. According to a study by the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung, car companies can hardly keep up with the production of SUVs with plug-in hybrid engines, which means that the delivery times of these models are getting longer.

In this context, green politician Cem Özdemir spoke of “state-subsidized climate fraud”. “Many drive almost exclusively with the fossil combustion engine and only use e-mobility to accelerate the take-off at the traffic lights,” Özdemir said. “That has devastating consequences for the credibility of the industry and for climate protection.” Politicians are called upon.

The FDP’s transportation politician Oliver Luksic warned that the auto industry was “politically cut down” and also criticized “insane subsidies”. It must be checked how much the battery is actually used in daily life.

According to the report, the federal government’s advisory committee “National Platform for the Future of Mobility”, citing studies, criticized that commercial vehicles with plug-in hybrid powertrains were only 18 percent electric. The environmental premium must therefore be adjusted. (AFP)

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