“New York Times” calls for votes: “Trump is the US’s most pressing problem” – politics

Donald Trump is known to hate almost all media. While in hospital with his coronavirus infection, he raged in capital letters on Twitter: “FIGHT THE CORRUPT FAKE NEWS PRESS VOTES!” Over the weekend, the US president provided further evidence during the election campaign, describing the “mainstream media”. as “enemies of the people” and accused them of not reporting on “the greatest story in the world” – which is the alleged corruption of its Democratic Challenger Joe Biden, who is on average ten percentage points ahead in national polls.

One of Republican Trump’s favorite enemies is the famous New York Times (NYT). The newspaper had already backed Biden in early October. Earlier, the Washington Post’s editors had officially expressed support for Biden and his vice-candidate Kamala Harris, calling Trump the “worst president of the modern age.”

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Now the NYT goes on. In a haunting opinion piece, commentators urged the US newspaper to vote Trump out. Under the heading “End Our National Crisis,” the editorial writes that Trump’s reelection efforts are “the greatest threat to American democracy since World War II.”

The commentators work independently of the newsroom. Your contribution does not refer to specific statements by the President, but to his nearly four-year term in office. It goes on to say, “The sheer scale and variety of Mr. Trump’s offenses can be overwhelming. Repetition has dulled the sense of outrage, and the accumulation of new excitement leaves little time to get into the details. “

The commentators deepen their allegations in further articles using the example of individual topics. Among other things, they criticize the way Trump interacts with women, blacks and members of the LGBTQ group and his ignorance of scientific knowledge.

“What is already known is shocking enough”

The “foundations of American civil society” had already crumbled before Trump announced his candidacy for presidential candidacy in 2015, the article said. “But he has fueled the worst tendencies in American politics: Under his leadership, the nation has become more polarized, paranoid and mean.” It could take decades for the full extent of his misdeeds to come to light. “But what is already known is shocking enough.”

Trump has abused the power of office and denied legitimacy to his political opponents, shaking up the standards that have held the nation together for generations. The president understood the public interest as the profitability of his business and political interests. “He has shown a breathtaking disregard for the lives and freedoms of Americans. He is a man unworthy of the office he holds, ”says the NYT.

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Commentators write, “The editors are not lightly indicting a legally elected president.” Four more years would be worse. “

Unlike all his modern predecessors, he refused to commit himself to a peaceful transfer of power, ‘and suggests that his victory is the only legitimate result and that if he does not win, he is willing to face the judgment of the American people . To challenge in court or even on the street ”.

The Worst President in Modern History

Trump stands without real rivals as the worst US president in modern history. In 2016, his bitter depiction of the nation’s suffering struck the nerve of the times among many voters. “But the lesson from the past four years is that he cannot solve the country’s pressing problems because he is the country’s most pressing problem.”

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It goes on; Trump is “a racist demagogue,” “an isolationist in a networked world,” “an eternal showman who brags about things he’s never done and who promises to do things he never will.” The president inundated the public with “lies”, “disinformation” and “propaganda”. He is adamant about belittling opponents and is reluctant to condemn violence from those he sees as allies.

Trump’s shortcomings as a leader would have been particularly painful during the coronavirus pandemic. Rather than working to save lives, he treated the pandemic as a public relations issue. He lied about the hazard, disputed the expertise of public health officials, and opposed taking the necessary precautions. In September, he stated that the virus ‘affects virtually no one’ the day before the death toll from the disease in the United States exceeded 200,000. Nine days later, Mr. Trump fell ill. “

“End our national crisis”

The United States is the most affected country in the world by the pandemic. According to data from the American Johns Hopkins University, more than 219,200 people had died of Covid 19 disease as of Sunday morning and more than 8.1 million were demonstrably infected with the coronavirus.

Other modern presidents have acted illegally or made catastrophic decisions, the article continues. Richard Nixon used the power of the state against his political opponents. Ronald Reagan had ignored the spread of AIDS, Bill Clinton had been accused of lying and obstructing justice, and George W. Bush had led the country to war under false pretenses. But, commentators said, “Trump has surpassed decades of presidential misconduct in one term.” Commentators’ clear call: “End our national crisis.” November 3 could be a turning point. “This is a choice about the future of the country and which way the citizens want to go.”

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