The platform that automates asset tests in advertising campaigns

Creating an advertisement takes some thought, but also creativity. Which image is used, which text, which CTA, which symbol … Answers are generally obtained after starting A / B tests. Today there are tools like Marpipe that can be used to optimize the creation of advertisements.

Marpipe is a platform that allows you to test a company’s advertising based on various factors. In addition, it is possible to create hundreds of variations of the same advertisement in minutes. The creation of effective graphics is thus automated and all that remains is to see which asset works best! An ideal tool for marketers who start advertising campaigns on a daily basis.

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36 ads in 30 seconds

Various images can be downloaded from within Marpipe. The tool then offers the option of creating visual options with different images or symbols as well as text variants using drag & drop. With Marpipe you can use templates or create new ones starting from scratch.

Campaigns can then be started directly on Facebook by connecting your advertising account to the tool. All you have to do is choose the type of campaign (traffic, conversions, reach). You’ll also need to add graphics, a description, a CTA, audience, url, budget, etc. The campaign can be started and will be displayed in Business Manager on Facebook.

Marpipe uses certain components of artificial intelligence to offer a powerful platform. For example, when assets are downloaded, there is a tool that marks them and identifies what is in the image.

Marpipe is a freemium tool. A free quote is available that allows you to quickly create multiple assets. There are also two paid plans available: Growth at $ 249 per month and Expert, the price of which needs to be discussed!

Let the imagination run wild, Marpipe allows you to test all flavors of advertising and see which do the best!

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