Delmenhorst with an incidence of 207.5: now 99 districts in Germany above the warning value – politics

Weimar and Delmenhorst are approximately 400 kilometers apart. While the district in Thuringia is now a paradise, it is better to avoid Delmenhorst in Lower Saxony.

Weimar is the only district in Germany that has not reported any new corona cases in the past seven days. Very different in Delmenhorst: here the number of cases per 100,000 inhabitants is 207.5. This is the highest value in Germany, as shown by calculations by the Tagesspiegel Innovation Lab, which refer to the figures reported by the health authorities.

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According to this, there are currently 99 districts (as of October 18) with more than 50 new corona cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the past seven days (incidence of seven days). So you exceed the warning value set by the federal government. In fact, about a dozen rural districts have values ​​that double or triple the 50 threshold.

In addition to Delmenhorst, the Berchtesgardener Land in Bavaria (incidence at 161.7), Cloppenburg in Lower Saxony (153.5), St. Wendel in Saarland (149.9) and the Eifel district Bitbürg-Prüm (130.9) in Rhineland-Palatinate (130.9). For comparison, this value is currently 90.5 for Berlin.

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On Saturday, the number of new infections in Germany reached 7830 for the third time in a row. As expected, the health authorities on Sunday reported fewer new infections within 24 hours. The RKI gave the value as 5587. However, the number of registered cases is usually lower on Sundays and Mondays, also because not all health authorities report data to the RKI on weekends.

What follows from these high figures? Are the mid-week measures taken by federal and state governments enough?

It now depends on the citizens – so the central message from the Chancellor over the weekend: “What winter will be like, what our Christmas will be, will be decided in the coming days and weeks. We all decide that by our actions. “

Lauterbach warns of “local shutdowns”

Angela Merkel used her weekly Saturday video message to make an urgent appeal: “I ask you, refrain from any journey that is not really necessary, any celebration that is not really necessary. Please stay at home at your hometown as much as possible. The key now is to notify the contacts of each infected person to break the chain of infection.

SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach also appealed to common sense on Sunday: “It will depend on how the population behaves.” Many requirements were difficult to monitor anyway. Above all, one must lower the R-value. Otherwise, the daily number of cases would rise so quickly in a very short time that clinics and health authorities would be exceeded. “Then there will be local shutdowns.”

Lambrecht demands a sense of proportion when there are limitations

Federal Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht (SPD), meanwhile, is arguing for a sense of proportion with the restrictions to combat the pandemic. “In all measures, we must always ensure that they are well-founded and understandable for citizens,” said Lambrecht of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. “This is the only way we can get the high approval of the population.”

A look at other EU countries shows what Germany could be threatened with. In Slovenia, the health department stopped tracking the contacts of people who tested positive due to the rapidly increasing number of infections. One can no longer handle the large number of cases, he said.

Pubs, cafes and restaurants are closed in the Netherlands. Citizens are only allowed to use buses and trains in urgent cases. A curfew went into effect on Saturday evening in Paris and other French cities. (with dpa)

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