The Biden family’s article blocked the Twitter update policy

Following the particularly controversial affair with the New York Post, Twitter decided to update its guidelines. The social network now makes it possible to share press articles even if the data used to conduct the survey has been hacked. However, Twitter still doesn’t allow tweets that forward links posted by the hackers themselves.

Twitter changes its distribution policy

Over the past week, Facebook and Twitter have restricted the circulation of an article for the Biden family. This article originally appeared in the New York Post. The way in which the information was collected remains in question, and it is precisely this that allowed Twitter to block the distribution of this article. In its terms, Twitter considered it against its policy to share articles whose revelations were based on a hack. It is precisely for this reason that the social network has blocked the distribution of this article.

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This is how the data was obtained, according to the New York Post: The source of the facts was a laptop that a Delaware repair shop owner believed belonged to Hunter Biden. When nobody came to collect the file, the owner allegedly made a copy and gave it to former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s attorney before handing the original over to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The New York Post claims it received a copy of Rudy Giuliani’s hard drive.

The social network even unblocked the New York Post article.

While the leaders of Facebook and Twitter have to justify themselves in the Senate after covering up the matter of the Biden family’s secrets, Twitter has decided to change its policy. Several politicians, including Republicans, have taken positions, saying the company has exceeded legal limits and has come to a point of information censorship. According to Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, “It is not acceptable to block the link without providing context.”

Our communication about our promotions in the @nypost article wasn’t great. And blocking url sharing via tweet or DM with no context why we’re blocking: unacceptable.

– jack (@jack) October 14, 2020

Vijaya Gadde, head of the legal department at Twitter, announced that Twitter’s security policy is moving in this direction. She says, “We will no longer remove pirated content unless shared directly by hackers or those who work with them. We plan to mark tweets to provide context to our users rather than blocking links. ”

Twitter even decided to unblock the sharing of the link to this famous New York Post article. Despite the blocking of Twitter and the restriction of Facebook, the article had already spread elsewhere on the Internet.

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