iPhone 12: no 5G if you use dual SIM

5G is one of the key points Apple highlighted with its iPhone 12. But not everyone may benefit. An Apple document called “What You Need to Know About 5G on iPhone” states that dual SIM mode does not have support.

“When using two lines with dual SIM mode, 5G data is not supported on either line,” the document says. The user is only entitled to 4G access if the coverage is in the area in which they are located.

There is at least one “good” news: it may be that this limitation is software, not hardware. In fact, the person who published the document from Apple reports that an update will be available by the end of the year. This update should support 5G when using dual SIM mode.

Apple has a page on its website devoted to using dual SIM in its iPhone. There is no specific mention of the iPhone 12. The page was last updated on September 26th. As a reminder, Apple announced its new iPhone on October 13th.

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