Measure against interview chaos: Trump and Biden will be partially muted in TV duel – politics

In the TV duel between US President Donald Trump and his challenger Joe Biden on Thursday, the candidates’ microphones must be turned off after their speaking time has expired. The committee responsible for the event hoped “that in this way the candidates will respect their respective speaking time, which will promote civilized debate and thus increase the benefit to the public,” said a statement on Monday (local time).

Each candidate has two minutes to answer a question from the moderator. Then the microphone is muted. In the open discussion that followed, the microphones remained switched on.

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Trump’s campaign manager Bill Stepien reacted angrily to the announcement. Trump is determined to argue with Biden regardless of “last minute rule changes made by the biased committee to give their preferred candidate an advantage.”

Trump and Biden had a chaotic television duel in late September, in which the president continued to interrupt his Democratic challenger. The TV game on Thursday is the last before the elections on November 3.

A few weeks before the election, Trump, who is widely criticized for his approach to the corona pandemic, is behind his challenger Biden in polls. The Republican is not only about ten percentage points behind the national survey average. Trump is also behind Biden in particularly important key states such as Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. (AFP)

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