The primacy of virology has had its day: involve the parliaments, that brings more legitimacy! – Politics

In every chancellor thus far has come the end of all freedom of principles, and it is also in Angela Merkel’s chancellor. So far, she has been able to rule largely on the basis of polls and majority opinions, which she first joined and then mastered and placed herself at the top in office. of her reign is based entirely on her self-image as a scientist.

That means: primacy of virology before politics, science first. Accordingly, Merkel does not define the term constitution as a constitution, but as the general health condition of the society.

And the longer the corona crisis lasts, the more resistance arises. Greens, SPD, Left, FDP – the number of these is growing, for whom this rather apolitical view is too much.

A large opposition coalition, so to speak, requires more say from the MPs.

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The first violence is not the chancellor

Take Gerhart Baum, the tireless liberal activist for civil rights parliamentary rights. He has just formulated an “urgent appeal” that “co-decides” the first power. The first power, which is not the chancellor, nor the prime ministers, but the parliaments. “It is completely incomprehensible that this demand has been made for months, but nothing has happened so far.”

The whole republic is arguing, only the parliaments are still thwarted, not involved in the decisions at the federal or state level, “because governments fear they will be limited in their ability to act,” Baum said.

It’s actually the other way around. Involving parliaments means more legitimacy, because the decisions are directly related to the electorate, the sovereign. In addition, according to the Federal Constitutional Court, parliaments must take all essential decisions on fundamental rights themselves. “This legal reservation is an elementary part of democracy and the rule of law,” said Baum. Don’t the rulers know?

In this way, Parliament can also be involved in crises

Mask requirements, distance requirements, contact restrictions, accommodation bans, curfew, ban on alcohol sales, night clock, a (second) lockdown – in the Bundestag arguments could be weighed in more different ways in the public’s eyes than at a Chancellor’s summit with the Prime Minister behind closed doors.

Here is an idea of ​​the opposition in Bavaria: the government can initially make an emergency decision itself, but if it is not parliamentary, it will expire in a week. In principle, it would be best if the proposal is accepted. And especially from a government leader who wants to become chancellor.

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