A three-in-one tool for more productive project management!

It’s a situation that happens to everyone almost every day. Spend hours looking for information you no longer remember, either in an email, in a note, or briefly. Different tools are used every day to collaborate and information can be easily shared.

SmartTask is a complete all-in-one platform that increases team productivity by combining task and project management as well as customer relationships. Information and exchange are thus centralized in one and the same place. SmartTask can be seen as an alternative to Asana.

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Easily accessible tasks!

The platform is organized as follows. There is the company, then there are different groups, similar to departments. After all, there are projects in every group.
The list of the various tasks is available and searchable within a project. Tasks can be filtered to show the ongoing and completed tasks that should be taken care of. A task can be repeated, files from DropxBox or Google Drive can be added, subtasks can be created. All tasks can be displayed in a Kanban view! There’s also a calendar view that makes it easy to view tasks by current month. A news feed is also available, similar to Facebook, and allows you to view updates from others.

Improved productivity

SmartTask also enables direct exchange with employees via chat, video conferences and offers a CRM. To discuss, the exchange can take place through one-on-one meetings or on a project scale, a bit like Slack.

All projects are divided into several phases depending on their progress. So everyone can see where the others are. If a person takes too long to complete a task, they can easily be reassigned. SmartTask users can also schedule themselves to indicate how much time they spend on a specific task.

SmartTask also provides many reports on various tasks, meetings, etc. It is also possible to do project-wide research and turn the results into a report.

The CRM offered by SmartTask allows you to track leads but view statistics on estimated sales, etc.

SmartTask is a paid tool that is currently being advertised on Appsumo. With the offers offered, you can use the tool for life.
For $ 49, SmartTask can be used by 5 users and 100GB of storage is available. For $ 98 instead of 720, 200 GB of storage is offered and can be used by 10 people. The last deal for $ 147 allows 15 users to take advantage of the platform and take advantage of 300GB of storage.

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