Monopoly lawsuit: The US government is initiating antitrust proceedings against Google – Wirtschaft

In the midst of the US presidential election campaign, Google is confronted with extensive antitrust proceedings. The Department of Justice and eleven states are suing search engine operators on allegations of abuse of their dominant position. That’s according to court documents released on Tuesday.

An Internet subsidiary of Alphabet is accused of putting competition at a disadvantage in search results and in the advertising industry. Initially, no comments were received from Google. Alphabet stocks were 0.5 percent weaker than the market.

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While Democrats have fought fiercely against President Donald Trump and his challenger Joe Biden before the November 3 election, both camps have shown exceptional unity in their criticism of Google. Republican Sen. Josh Hawley called the lawsuit “the most important antitrust case in the last generation.” Democrat Sen. Elizabeth Warren has called for “swift and tough action” against Google.

In the US, cartel investigations have been conducted against a search engine operator for more than a year. Last year, the European Union fined the company a billion for discriminating against competitors. (Reuters)

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