iPhone 12: BOE becomes the third supplier of OLED screens

It was a little complicated for BOE, but this time it’s the right thing. The Chinese group has received the green light from Apple to provide OLED screens for the iPhone 12. BOE thus joins Samsung and LG.

Apple and BOE already knew each other before the OLED screen for the iPhone 12. The Chinese group initially made LCD screens available to Apple before offering OLED screens for the Apple Watch. The next step was for the iPhone and BOE to do what was necessary to meet Apple’s specifications. He made his request a few months ago, but Apple turned it down. Everything is fine today.

We recently learned that Samsung continues to be Apple’s main supplier. Samsung supplies Apple with the OLED displays for the iPhone 12 mini (5.4 inches), the iPhone 12 Pro (6.1 inches) and the iPhone 12 Pro Max (6.7 inches). LG takes care of the OLED screen of the iPhone 12 (6.1 inches). BOE will also take care of this iPhone model. Samsung will therefore keep most of it.

To this day, BOE supplies Huawei with OLED displays for its smartphones. The group would like to offer Samsung their panels for their Galaxy smartphones. This may come as a surprise as Samsung already has it all.

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