15 European countries are calling for a campaign against disinformation

15 member states of the European Union have signed a letter to Margrethe Vestager, Vice-President of the Commission responsible for Competition and Digital, calling for global measures to combat the disinformation associated with 5G.

Numerous acts of vandalism

The spread of fake news over the fifth generation of cellular networks is indeed uncontrollable. He was therefore accused of participating in the spread of Covid-19 or of destroying trees. This unsubstantiated information had a significant impact. 140 acts of vandalism have been recorded in Europe, including antennas that were burned or damaged in the UK and the Netherlands. In France, 5G also raises questions. The mayor of Bordeaux, for example, has asked to slow down its deployment, while Emmanuel Macron was categorical in its adoption in the area. For their part, French operators have spent EUR 2.78 billion on 5G frequencies.

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The countries that signed the letter, d. H. Poland, Sweden, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Greece, Slovakia, Portugal, Finland, Estonia and Austria demand a swift reaction from the EU before the problem escalates and the expansion of the 5G Network further slowed down:

“We would like to emphasize that the acts of vandalism against the telecommunications infrastructure and the increasing disinformation about electromagnetic fields and 5G not only pose a threat to the economies of the Member States concerned, but also impair the capacity of the European Union to achieve its ambitious 5G goals “.

Scientific studies and awareness campaign

EURACTIV points out that all EU member states will be obliged to assign 5G frequencies to operators by the end of 2020. To achieve this, the signatory countries are calling for scientific studies to be started on the health risks of 5G, as well as an awareness campaign to help citizens support the deployment.

As a reminder, the 5G network promises speeds that are ten times faster than those offered by 4G and should therefore enable great advances in many areas such as industry, autonomous vehicles or health. It should also make it easier to connect smart devices, which are becoming more numerous in private households.

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