iPhone 12: Logos are on the sidelines in Europe

Like every manufacturer, Apple must display legal logos on its devices. IPhones sold previously had these logos on the underside of the back. With the iPhone 12, they’re on the verge now.

Apple hides dark themed logos on its website

They’re at the bottom right of the iPhone 12 to be precise. We particularly find the CE marking. This marking means that the product meets all essential requirements in the European Union. We also find the logo with the crossed-out container. This pictogram means that the device cannot be thrown into a conventional rubbish bin.

These logos are present on the iPhone 12 sold in Europe, but not on those marketed in the US. This is due to the US approval from 2014. As of this year, Apple and other manufacturers are not obliged to put legal logos on their devices. In this case you have to insert them into the operating system. On iOS, they are available under Settings> General> Legal Notices and Certifications.

The European iPhone 12 and 12Pro series have the approval logos laser engraved on the side of the device. # iPhone12 # iPhone12Pro #AppleEvent

– ul Giulio Zompetti (@ 1nsane_dev), October 20, 2020

So it seems that the iPhone 12 in Europe now has this ugly mark on the side ?! Cancel my order.

– Jesper van Haaren (@jhaaren), October 16, 2020

When do logos end in Europe?

The presence of legal logos can potentially be a “problem” for those who use iPhone in the nude. But for those who use a protective case, they’ll be hidden anyway. Despite everything, it could be interesting for Europe to be on a par with the United States on this point.

Apple will go on sale on October 23 for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. The iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max will be available for pre-order starting November 6th and will be released on November 13th.

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