Scheuer should announce blackened A49 contracts: Greens want to force ministers to stop expansion – politics

For the Greens, it is a credibility dilemma that one of their worst political opponents should help them out: Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU). The extension of the A49 in Hesse is driving environmental and climate protectors to the barricades due to the threat of clearings in the Dannenröder forest.

The Federal Greens support the protest and call for a moratorium on the highway, but in Hesse, the Greens are in government with the CDU and, under the leadership of Economy Minister Tarek Al-Wazir, have so far supported and implemented the federal project. .

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In the federal government, the Greens are now trying to force the release of the unfinished and full contract for the public-private partnership project for the extension of the A49 from Kassel to Giessen. The calculation: gain insight into the returns promises to the private operators, into the monthly costs and the cancellation options – they want to prove misconduct as with Maut Scheuer – and enforce the rapid termination of the contracts.

Activists protest in Dannenröderbos against the planned extension of the A49. Photo: AFP

The Greens want to stop the A49 contract

Green budget expert Sven-Christian Kindler wanted Scheuer to use the Freedom of Information Act to access the contract signed with Strabag Infrastructure Company. But the ministry declined, citing confidentiality interests, as evidenced by a response that the Tagesspiegel is available. At the same time, however, largely unnoticed by the public, the contract that Scheuer signed at the end of August, which forms the basis for the extension of the A49, has now been published somewhat hidden on its website, but again in heavily blackened form.

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If necessary, Kindler wants to sue the ministry for giving up the unpaid contracts. “The public has a right to know what the minister has signed for multi-billion dollar contracts,” he told Tagesspiegel. Even the undeclared parts of the contract make it clear that the federal government could immediately terminate the A49 PPP contract. “The fact is: not the state of Hesse can now stop the A49 PPP project, only the federal government. Minister Scheuer is still hesitant and holds on to the pointless motorway project. ”

Green budget expert Sven Christian Kindler wants to force Scheuer to stop the project Photo: imago images / Political-Moments

“Does not belong in Scheuer’s safe”

Should Andreas Scheuer not publish the contract in full, ie black out in time, even after the planned objection, they will follow the path of a lawsuit and try to legally force him to publish the contract in full. “Instead of finally putting all the cards on the table, Andreas Scheuer just simulates transparency.

Scheuer still wants to keep a secret how high the return he pays private individuals for the realization of the project ”, Kindler criticized. “The multi-billion dollar contracts for PPP projects belong in the public eye and not in the safe of the Federal Transport Minister.” In times of the climate crisis, no new roads are needed, Kindler said. “Germany’s main road network is one of the densest in Europe. We need more investment in punctual trains and clean buses and no longer waste billions on new, redundant roads.”

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