With this app you can create unique icons for your apps on iOS 14

Dear Apple users, you may not have known about it, but it is entirely possible to change the icons on iPhone and iPad. How? ‘Or what? Thanks to the iOS 14 update, the latter allows you to display a fully personalized home screen, but also to change the icon of an application with images that don’t necessarily have to do with the initiative application.

Custom and drawn symbols

Drawcon is an application available on iOS that allows you to create fully personalized and drawn icons and change the current icons of Facebook, Messages or even Safari! A practical tool that lets creativity and imagination run free!

Using Drawcon is very easy. After installing the application, two icons will appear. One with a white background, the other with a black background. The background color can be changed. You can draw these before saving the pictures created on your iPhone. Drawcon is a paid application for 2.29 euros.

How do I change an application’s icon?

To change an application’s icon on iPhone and on iOS 14, you need to use the Shortcuts application. You will then need to create a new shortcut. To do this, click on “Add Action” and select “Open App”. Now it’s time to choose the application for which you want to change the icon. Then all you have to do is click on the “…” in the top left, name the shortcut and change the name of the application and its icon! To save and view the shortcut, just click Add.

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