“They are children of God”: Pope for legal equality of gay couples – politics

Afraid in the Vatican: Pope Francis is said to have spoken out in a documentary for the legal equality of same-sex marriages. With the statement, the head of the Roman Catholic Church opposes the earlier teachings of the Vatican and the attitude of his predecessor. The Catholic News Agency (CNA) reported about this initially.

The Pope is said to have literally said in the documentary: “Homosexuals have the right to be part of the family. They are children of God and are entitled to a family. Pope Francis said no one should be thrown out or put to death because of their sexuality.

“We need a law for registered partnerships. In this way they are legally protected, ”the Pope said in the documentary. The statements are made in the documentary “Francesco”, which is about the life and tenure of Pope Francis.

Pope Francis is alleged to have expressed support for same-sex marriages during an interview with filmmaker Evgeny Afineevsky, reports the CNA news service. So far, the Vatican has not commented on the Pope’s statements about civil same-sex marriage.

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Vatican opens marriage in Ireland: “Defeat for humanity”

As late as 2015, the Vatican described the opening of marriage to gay couples in Ireland as a “defeat for humanity”. Commenting on Ireland’s decision to legally recognize same-sex marriages, Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Parolin said: evangelism. ”

And further: “I believe that one cannot only speak of a Netherlands of Christian principles, but of a defeat for humanity.” The documentary “Francesco” premiered on Wednesday at the “Rome Film Festival” and should also be on Sunday. run for the first time in the US. The film is also about how Pope Francis stands up for refugees, migrants and the poor and the relationship between Catholics and queer people.

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