iPhone 12 France: The headphones are in the box at the bottom

As everyone knows, Apple no longer includes headphones and chargers in its iPhone 12 box. This is the case everywhere except France. According to French law, manufacturers must offer headphones (more precisely a hands-free kit). But how did Apple do that for France?

YouTuber TheiCollection has an iPhone 12 and an iPhone 12 Pro and offers unboxing. We can see that the box of new iPhones in France is the same as in other countries. There is, however, a special feature: a space at the bottom of the box. In this area are the EarPods headphones, which are connected in Lightning. As a result, Apple failed to increase the size of the iPhone 12 box, despite the fact that headphones were available for the French.

As a reminder, Apple says it removed the headphones and charger from the box for environmental reasons. The client realizes that many people already have what it takes. However, this argument does not appeal to everyone. The chargers that came with iPhones (up to iPhone XS) were USB-A chargers. On the iPhone 12, the cable is USB-C to Lightning. So some people need to buy a new charger with a USB-C plug.

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