Questions of the day: attack on works of art in Berlin, Jens Spahn infected with coronavirus – politics

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What happened?

• 68 works of art attacked in Berlin: As has only recently become known, an attack was committed on 3 October against objects in various Berlin museums. The Neues Museum, Pergamon Museum and Alte Nationalgalerie are affected. The museums take the greatest damage since the Second World War.

• Jens Spahn tested positive: the Minister of Health has tested positive for the corona virus. You can read all background information in our blog about the pandemic in Germany. In Berlin, the incidence has risen to more than 100 today – with nearly 1,000 new infections. Here you will find all the corona news from the capital.

• Dresden suspected of being an Islamist: According to media reports, a deadly knife attack was committed by an Islamist in Dresden. The suspect was apparently known to the authorities as a threat.

• Federal government decides more severe punishments for child abuse: sexual violence against children is no longer considered a crime, but a crime. The distribution of child pornography in particular is punished more severely.

• Pope for legal equality of gay couples: In a documentary, Francis speaks out for legal recognition of same-sex marriages. The Vatican is silent.

Caricature: Klaus Stuttmann

What was discussed?

• Corona hotspot Berchtesgadener Land: In the corona crisis, CSU boss Markus Söder pointed first to the Berliners, then to the Austrians. It is always the others who are responsible for the pandemic. Bavaria is now hit hardest. That inspired colleague Paul Starzmann to write a gloss.

• Giffey and the Berlin SPD: Giffey does not take into account the sensitivities of the more leftist regional association. Whether the coup will succeed is open. My colleague Ulrich Gerlach-Zawatka sums up the situation with the Berlin Social Democrats when things grow together.

• Debate on political artists: what can artists, which publishers, what journalists do? Monika Maron and Igor Levit cause discussions. Both cases are about freedom of expression, Christiane Peitz analyzes.

• The US elections: Joe Biden is increasingly proving to be a good candidate. If he were elected, his best quality would be being able to tolerate good people around him, writes Juliane Schäuble from Washington.

Siegfried Lehmann Photo: Kitty Kleist-Heinrich, Montage: Tagesspiegel

What can subscribers read?

• Trauma of a police life: they called him a tough dog. Siegfried Lehmann has been with the police for 35 years. It almost broke him. The violence, the fear. And the silence. My colleague Katja Füchsel accompanied him.

• They called him Mehmet: what the privilege of citizenship means to the concept of freedom in a society. A personal essay.

• What are the benefits of a ban on the sale of alcohol? More and more cities are restricting the sale of alcohol to contain the corona virus.

What can we do?

Go to the cinema: Miranda July’s insane tragic comedy “Kajillionaire” shows America from below. Here raids are sometimes initiated by a somersault.

Read a book: Under the sign of the fast breeder … Christoph Peters returns to the Lower Rhine with his beautiful “village novel”.

See a painting: In 1937 the painter Lotte Laserstein had to emigrate. She never returned from exile in Sweden. A self-portrait in Postdam tells their story.

Late reminder. Lotte Laserstein’s “Self-portrait Before, Evening Over Potsdam” was made in exile in 1950. Photo: Laserstein Archives Krausse / VG Bildkunst Bonn 2020

What do I need to know for tomorrow?

Boris Becker in court: The former tennis professional wants to defend himself against allegations from a British authority that he should not have cooperated adequately in his bankruptcy proceedings.

The Senate Judicial Committee votes on Amy Coney Barrett as a candidate for the Supreme Court. It is an intermediate step in the confirmation process before the entire Senate decides on the conservative attorney. US President Donald Trump plans to sue Barrett before the Supreme Court in November 3 elections.

Number of the day

3 years. NASA has to wait that long before it can evaluate a sample of the asteroid Bennu that sucked up the probe “Osiris Rex”. NASA scientists are hoping for about 60 to 2000 grams of dust, debris and rocks. The probe is now on its way back. It would be the first time that material has been successfully brought to Earth from an asteroid.

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