FAR: Lone Sails goes into full swing on iOS (App Store Release)

Post-apocalyptic game of the atmosphere “without zombies” (yes, it is possible), FAR: Lone Sails is now towing its sails on iOS (App Store Link – 4.99 euros – iPhone / iPad). Dance this track, to say the least, original. The player drives strange steampunk-style vehicles in the midst of desolate landscapes (dry seabed, deserts). Sailing and steam vehicles can be upgraded, adapted and of course repaired if the situation so requires. The goal of this slow journey? To find traces of a forgotten people and a civilization of which few relics and remains remain.

In addition, you need to know more about it.

FAR Lone Sails breaks post-apo codes

The inspired artistic direction, the changing weather effects and the special rhythm of the title make this FAR: Lone Sails a very special gaming experience. This intriguing little indie gem has been released on PS4 for several months now, and we’re delighted that the iOS version is strictly identical to the console version. At the price, it would be a shame not to take the trip …

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