iPhone 12: Skip the line in front of the Apple Store

This Friday marks the availability of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. Generally, there are queues outside Apple Stores for new iPhones. The most impatient want their new phone to be opened. But Apple doesn’t want that scenario this year.

Queue for the iPhone XS last year

We’re in the middle of a health crisis and Apple wants to avoid people staying around for a few hours. The manufacturer has therefore announced to Business Insider that it will give those present a reservation. You will be asked to leave the premises and return at the time indicated for the reservation window.

In France, you have to make an appointment to buy or repair a car at Apple Stores. This has been the rule for a few weeks. This is explained by the situation with the coronavirus and the number of cases that has been increasing for some time.

Some Apple stores in the US have used the same rule. For example, the Apple Store Union Square in San Francisco requires people who want to buy an iPhone 12 to make a reservation.

But the queuing phenomenon has subsided over the years anyway. Nowadays, people who want the new iPhone order it online and then have it shipped.

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