Interview with Carsten Spohr: The head of Lufthansa demands a test strategy for air traffic – economics

According to Lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr, intercontinental air traffic should be “reopened as soon as possible” to avoid economic damage caused by travel restrictions, for example to the US and Asia. This requires a “targeted testing strategy, ie binding negative tests on departure or return,” said Spohr in the specialized service “Tagesspiegel Background Verkehr & Smart Mobility”. “For example, with rapid tests now coming in large numbers, we could re-enable more flights to North America – once authorities on both sides of the Atlantic allow passengers who have tested negative to return to the country,” said Lufthansa’s chief executive. “We would like to start the first pilot routes as soon as possible.”

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He had the impression “that politicians want to avert a real blockade by a slowdown, as in the spring,” Spohr continued. However, the fact that air transport, even during the summer holidays, had a very small share in the increasing number of infections is forgotten. Spohr: “Germany’s prosperity and its strength as a leading export nation are interrelated. It is therefore necessary to reopen intercontinental traffic flows as soon as possible. “

Regarding criticism of the federal government’s rescue package for the group, Spohr said: “The share package that the federal government acquired in the summer is currently three times the starting price.” Lufthansa will not need any further help. “At the beginning of the crisis, we lost a million per hour; thanks to our efforts to reduce costs, we have now halved that value.” The stabilization package will therefore suffice until global air traffic is resumed.

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