They can wait: Netflix and Apple want James Bond

What if Die Can Wait, the new James Bond, started streaming instead of theaters? This would be a reflection on the side of MGM, the studio that Binged says owns the James Bond license.

Two players are said to be ready to participate in the auction to acquire the rights to Mourir who can wait. These are Apple TV + and Netflix. Both have one thing in common: very deep pockets. Each platform can write a check for ten or one hundred million dollars to acquire the rights to air the new James Bond. This obviously makes MGM think about the situation of cinemas with the health crisis.

Due to the Covid-19, several films originally planned in the cinema finally arrived in direct streaming. This is particularly the case with Disney, which Mulan offered on Disney +. There’s also Soul, the new Pixar that’s finally coming out on Disney +.

Conversely, there is the Tenet case. Christopher Nolan’s film was released in theaters, but the success has been mixed worldwide. This is due to the closure of some cinemas until today. MGM probably doesn’t want the same fate as Dying Can Wait.

The May Wait was originally slated to hit theaters in November 2019. It was later postponed to April 2020. Earlier this month, MGM announced that the film would now be released on March 31, 2021. However, with a streaming arrival, plans may still change.

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