Mac: HP and Amazon Music are considered malware

By default, macOS protects users with an entire security system. Mac’s operating system can prevent the user from opening a file because the file contains malware (malicious software). HP and Amazon distribute malware under MacOS.

Users had the funny surprise of seeing a message on their Mac’s screen. At HP, these are drivers for the printer. According to macOS, the HPDeviceMonitoring.framework file will damage your computer. The user can click OK or select the “Show in Finder” option to see where the file is in order to delete it. He can also check a box to report the malware to Apple.

For Amazon, the Amazon Music app for macOS is the problem. On the other hand, the Mac will display a warning to inform users that the file is damaging their computer, according to AppleInsider.

You should know that Macs have XProtect. Strictly speaking, this protection cannot be considered virus protection, but it still serves as security. Apple obviously made a mistake with its database by involving HP and Amazon. The database is updated in the background without user intervention.

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