Resistance: The iPhone 12 screen is better than the iPhone 11

The iPhone 12 has a Ceramic Shield glass front. This is the name Apple has given for its best protection. The manufacturer claims that this material is four times more resistant to drops. So marketing talk or reality? The video below gives the answer.

A dynamometer serves as an instrument for measuring force. The iPhone 11 lasted up to 352 Newtons and the iPhone 12 lasted up to 442 Newtons. There is therefore a difference from the iPhone 12 that is more resilient.

Another test is to determine scratch resistance. The iPhone 12’s screen was scratch-free after being “attacked” with keys, coins, a stone and a cutter. In the next test, a point with a hardness of 6 (on the Mohs scale) scratched the iPhone 11. The iPhone 12 resisted, but a scratch appeared with a point of 7. Again, the iPhone 12 is better than that iPhone 11.

What about the discs? The iPhone 12’s are made of aluminum and the resistance is pretty average. The back scratches just as easily as that of the iPhone 11. After all, only the front has the ceramic shield. And for the iPhone 12 Pro, the rim is made of stainless steel. The resistance should therefore be better.

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