Herbert Diess pushes for tighter climate targets: VW chief demands automotive commitment to Green Deal – economy

The VW Group calls for a clear commitment from the car industry to stricter climate targets in the European Union. “It’s better for us to help shape change now than to pursue development,” said CEO Herbert Diess of the Tagesspiegel Background Verkehr & Smart Mobility specialist service. “We stand by the goals of the EU fleet and the green agreement,” Diess added. The transport sector is crucial for reducing CO2. “We cannot maintain the status quo,” VW CEO warned.

Many industry associations resisted this situation because they represented interests. “However, as responsible staff, we need to control what happens in the environment in the next 20 or 30 years.” Diess believes that a fixed date for the decommissioning of an internal combustion engine is not necessary: became more expensive, electric cars cheaper. “By 2026 at the latest, the electric car will be a better concept – ecologically and economically,” said Diess. The head of VW again advocated the abolition of the privilege of diesel for vehicle tax and a higher price of CO2 of around 100 euros

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With its commitment to the Green Deal, Volkswagen is in conflict with its competitors and major suppliers. According to reports, the head of the car association VDA will try to find a common position on this topic at a board meeting on Wednesday. They say that manufacturers and suppliers wanted to adopt new EU climate requirements in the document.

Herbert Diess admitted that the VW Group is unlikely to set CO2 limits for 2020. “It will be very close,” he said, “the Tagesspiegel background.” “So far, we have not reached our sales targets for electric vehicles to the extent we have planned.”

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