Breakthrough in collective bargaining dispute: 3.2 to 4.5 percent more money for federal and local government employees – business

Collective bargaining reached an agreement for approximately 2.3 million public sector employees in federal and local governments. As announced on Sunday, revenue will increase by 4.5 percent in the group with the lowest wages and levels and by 3.2 percent in the highest group. The collective agreement is valid until 31 December 2022.

As has also been said, wages and salaries should initially be increased by 1.4 percent by 1 April 2021, but at least by 50 euros, and by a further 1.8 percent by 1 April 2022. The apprentice will each receive 25 euros more.

Accordingly, a separate salary increase was agreed for the nursing staff. From March 2021, a care allowance of € 70 will be paid, which will increase to € 120 a year later. The contribution in intensive care has more than doubled to 100 euros per month, the contribution for alternating shifts has increased, as has been said, from 105 to 155 euros per month.

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In care facilities such as retirement homes, the care allowance is comparable to municipal hospitals plus € 25. From March 2021, doctors in health authorities will receive a monthly allowance of EUR 300.

These were points of contention

CORONA AND TARIFFS: The corona pandemic has made the round of collective bargaining much more difficult. The unions were under pressure to strike and protest in accordance with hygiene rules. They have repeatedly accused city employers of taking advantage of the situation. On the other hand, city budgets are heavily burdened by the economic crisis and declining trade tax revenues.

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LINEAR INCREASE INCREASE: The unions entered into negotiations with a request to increase wages and salaries by 4.8 percent over a period of one year. The federal government and municipalities offered an overall fee increase of 3.5 percent, specifically 1.0 percent by March 1, 2021, then another 1.0 percent, and 1.5 percent later. The term of office should be three years. The unions rejected for as long as “reading glass balls.” These three years have been “very important” for employers.

INCREASE IN REVENUE: The unions demanded at least 150 euros more per month. Employers offered a minimum amount of 30 euros. And a special corona payment for all employees to alleviate the burden of the crisis of 300 euros.

CARE: Due to the tension and stress of carers during the corona pandemic, care was one of the focal points of the negotiations. Employers offered employees in hospitals and care facilities a care allowance of 50 euros per month. Verdi’s boss Werneke dismissed it as “scandalous.” The unions demanded a contribution of € 300. The individual areas of care were intensively negotiated. VKA chief Mädge announced: “According to our expectations, the nurse in the intensive care unit will receive an eight percent higher salary.” (DPA)

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