Problems with iPhone 12 and TousAntiCovid apps

Attention to everyone who uses tracking applications in the fight against Covid-19. Users who bought an iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro and migrated their data to it have concerns. The plotter application displays an error.

“Unfortunately, you cannot run this application”. This is the message that appears among some in the UK with the local NHS Covid-19 app. The text indicates that the problem may be due to a limitation in the settings of the iPhone. Otherwise, another application may be installed that serves the same purpose.

On the Canadian side, one user reports that he had to restart the TousAntiCovid equivalent after the data transfer. However, it must be said that transferring from one phone to another is not ideal in this situation. This is because the data from the tracing application does not seem to migrate. As a result, not all of the records of the people who signed up will be transferred to iPhone 12. The user starts from zero.

If you are in the UK or Canada and using this type of application, go to Settings> Exposure Notifications. Make sure that the option to allow notifications is checked on your iPhone 12. It seems that iOS does not ask users to allow notifications and therefore enable discovery via bluetooth. Hence the interest in doing it manually.

This seems to apply to countries where tracking apps use the Apple and Google APIs. In France, TousAntiCovid relies on an internal solution. Hungary also uses its own solution.

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