Party chairmanship decision: CDU apparently to cancel party attendance conference in December – politics

The CDU face-to-face convention with 1,001 delegates for the election of a new party leader in Stuttgart, scheduled for December 4, is off the table. The German news agency found out on Sunday evening after a good five-hour consultation with the nearest party leadership in Berlin. A framework for the next steps has been discussed, which party leader Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer will present to the CDU committees on Monday.

There were no final decisions on Sunday – they will ultimately have to be made by the CDU executive committee, which will meet from 9:30 am. According to this information, it was still unclear whether the party congress should be postponed until next year due to the corona pandemic, or whether there could be a so-called hybrid party congress this year, which would be present and virtually present at multiple locations in Germany. would be chosen. The third option was postal voting.

The “Welt” said, citing party circles, that a digital party conference should take place if a further critical contagion situation does not allow for a conference at a later date. In that case, the election of a new federal executive will be by letter.

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In the morning (8 a.m.) the CDU presidium meets first, the closest party leadership around Kramp-Karrenbauer. The different opinions on how to proceed should already clash there. The Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia, Armin Laschet, who is running for the presidency alongside ex-Union party leader Friedrich Merz and foreign expert Norbert Röttgen, is a member of the committee as deputy party chair. Merz and Röttgen neither – nor the subsequent advisory board.

Laschet wants the party congress to be postponed to 2021

Laschet said on the ARD program “Anne Will” on Sunday evening that his position was clear. “I believe that at such a time when people are expected to stop attending events, they can’t leave the house so we can have a presence party conference with 1,000 people.”

He and Merz would have “appreciated each other’s arguments, I understand his arguments too. And a decision will be made tomorrow, ”said Laschet. Understandably, personalities as different as he and Merz have different approaches. Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) will stay out of this issue, she has always emphasized that.

Merz continues to demand clarification on the open management issues

Merz insisted that the open management issue be clarified this year. “Even if a Presence Party conference is going to be difficult under the current circumstances, I am and remain of the opinion that the CDU should clear up the open leadership issue this year,” he told the Berlin Dpa. “A digital party conference on December 4 is just as possible as a decision about the chairman of the CDU by letter.” It has been speculated in the CDU that Merz was pushing for a quick decision, as he is currently clearly ahead of Laschet in investigations into the CDU presidency and Röttgen is lying.

Röttgen was satisfied after the top interview. “We have spoken for a long time, but constructively and well, and we have also found a line that the party leader will communicate tomorrow,” he told the DPA. When asked if the attendance party conference in Stuttgart was off the table, Röttgen simply said that he did not want to anticipate, that a line had been found and that this would be communicated.

CDU Member Representative Warns About Hanging Game

According to the party representative, Henning Otte, the CDU members prefer an early decision on the new party chairman. “What must be prevented is a party political hanging game,” said Otte of the Berlin DPA. “That is why alternatives must be explored, for example whether a vote by post would be possible at all.” The president of the Junge Union’s youth union, Tilman Kuban, had discussed such a variant.

Otte said a consideration could also be to simultaneously elect the board of directors decentrally in the state associations by digitally transmitting candidates’ presentations and deciding on the spot by secret ballot. (dpa)

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