Technology to Improve Body Perception in Virtual Reality Experiences

Microsoft introduced a new technology on October 20, 2020 that can significantly improve the virtual reality experience. This can be summarized in one object that is intended to be attached to the wrist and is called the Haptic PIVOT. This allows you to make better use of the tactile sensation.

Haptic PIVOT: A technology to improve the sense of touch

If augmented reality and virtual reality headsets already make it possible to immerse yourself in incredible experiences, especially when it comes to graphical fidelity, tactile sensitivity has never been too deep until then. Of course, touch controllers accompany the existing headsets, but it is very clear that one can quickly get the impression of being disconnected from the world of the game if one does not feel all the sensations.

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To get a little closer to reality, Microsoft has come up with a new technology called Haptic PIVOT, a motorized wrist strap designed to improve the perception of the body in the gaming environment. The tactile sensation could therefore be just as realistic as the graphics displayed in virtual reality headsets. A way to take the experience a little further.

A way to restore even more sensations

After Microsoft filed a patent for a vibration mat a few years ago, it decided to investigate touch in the spectrum of virtual reality. The technology developed by Microsoft Teams includes a series of touch sensors that can be used to detect when you touch and share an object during a virtual reality experience. Haptic PIVOT is synchronized with what is happening on the screen, and two controllers can also work together to simulate what it is like to hold an object with two hands, for example.

After the first tests, the results are incredible: Haptic PIVOT would restore the feeling that you feel when you come into contact with an object for the first time. Big advantage of this technology presented by Microsoft: The device attached to your wrist is retracted when not in use. There is no doubt that the opportunities offered to developers with this new toy are enormous.

According to the research teams behind the technology, “With the introduction of Haptic PIVOT, developers can offer a wider range of actions without affecting the player’s physical environment.” Warning, at the moment this technology is only in the research project phase and it must be remembered that Microsoft may never commercialize this gadget. On the other hand, other companies could be inspired by it.

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