IPhone 12 Pro can measure a person’s waistline

The iPhone 12 Pro not only has an additional photo sensor compared to the iPhone 12, but also a LiDAR scanner. Its main purpose is to improve augmented reality experiences. And with the iPhone 12 Pro, you can measure a person accurately.

Just use Apple’s Measurements app that comes pre-installed. Position the iPhone so that the person to be measured is displayed from head to toe on the screen. After a few moments, a line will appear above the person’s head with the measured height shown just below the line.

You can take a photo of the measurement if you want to capture the moment. To do this, you need to touch the white circle at the bottom right of the screen. Then tap the screenshot in the lower left and OK in the upper left. Select “Save to Photos” or “Save to Files” as desired.

The “Measurements” application is available on all iPhones. But only the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max can accurately measure a person’s height. The reason is simple: you are the only one with the LiDAR scanner. On the iPad side, the iPad professionals have the LiDAR scanner. They too can measure a person accurately with the measurement app.

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