Decision on party chairmanship: oCDU postpones party congress until next year – politics

Given the dramatic number of corona infections, the CDU leadership is delaying the party conference scheduled for December 4 in Stuttgart to elect a chairman until next year. The German news agency learned on Monday that the party congress should ideally take place in the new year. If this is not possible, a digital party conference should be held. If there is still no legal basis for it, it should be voted by letter.

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CDU Member Representative Warns About Hanging Game

According to the party representative, Henning Otte, the CDU members prefer an early decision on the new party chairman. “What must be prevented is a party political hanging game,” said Otte of the Berlin DPA. “That is why alternatives must be explored, for example whether a vote by post would be possible at all.” The president of the Junge Union’s youth union, Tilman Kuban, had discussed such a variant.

Otte said a consideration could also be to simultaneously elect the board of directors decentrally in the state associations by digitally transmitting candidates’ presentations and deciding on the spot by secret ballot. (dpa)

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