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Trump downplayed corona risk even more verbatim than before. “I had it, here I am,” Trump announced, referring to his Covid 19 illness during one of the performances. “And now they say I’m immune.” Trump had been treated with a still-experimental antibody drug, which he called a “cure.” At each of the appearances, he also said that his 14-year-old son Barron was declared healthy by the doctors shortly after the positive test. In the three speeches, Trump gave three variations of how fast it went: after 15 seconds, after 15 minutes, and the next day.

Trump attributed the increase in corona infections in the country to more tests being conducted than before. “If we tested half of it, the number would be half that.” In general, the media is constantly talking about the virus. “If you turn on the television,” Covid, Covid, Covid, Covid, Covid, “complained the president.” A plane crashes, 500 people died, they don’t talk about it. “Covid, Covid, Covid, Covid.” The media just wanted to scare people about the election, Trump claimed. Thousands of supporters gathered during his performances, many of them wearing no masks.

Trump’s Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said on CNN on Sunday, “We will not control the pandemic.” But you could counteract it with therapy and vaccinations. However, government experts do not expect sufficient vaccine doses to be available to all Americans until next spring.

Biden again accused Trump of failure in the Corona crisis, which killed Americans. He called on people to wear masks. “It will be a dark winter if we don’t change our behavior,” he said. “All because the president is more concerned about the stock market than you,” Biden told voters. Unlike Trump, Biden spoke to people who got into their cars like in a drive-in theater. They expressed their approval with a concert of horns. Rock star Jon Bon Jovi gave a mini concert at one of the performances. Hollywood actor Brad Pitt mentioned a new commercial for Biden.

Former President Barack Obama, whose vice Biden once was, campaigned for him in Florida. Obama was tough on Trump’s corona policy: “He doesn’t even acknowledge there is a problem.”

Trump took the opportunity on Saturday morning to cast his vote early in the presidential election. Trump went to a polling station in a library in West Palm Beach, Florida. “I voted for a man called Trump,” he said afterwards on the television cameras. Florida, where Trump has officially resided for over a year, is one of the states that let their residents vote before the official election date.

So far, nearly 60 million people have voted in polling places or by letter. In the 2016 presidential election, a total of nearly 139 million Americans voted. In view of the corona crisis, more people than usual are making use of the option to vote early.

In the presidential election four years ago, more than 47 million US citizens took the opportunity to vote early. According to data from the US Elections Project of political scientist Michael McDonald of the University of Florida, that was almost 58.7 million this time. Nearly 19 million of them voted in person and about 39.7 million by letter. (dpa)

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