Justice: The DoJ’s appeal was denied. The iPhone 12/12 Pro is eligible for WeChat in the US

Six days ago, an American court lifted WeChat’s block in the United States. Judge Lauren Beeler then argued that the Commerce Department’s decision regarding the first amendment to the US Constitution was problematic. Remember, the first change guarantees freedom of expression. Unsurprisingly, the DoJ appealed this decision, but that request has now been re-examined by a judge in San Francisco.

In other words, WeChat can no longer be blocked for iOS and Android in the US. This is of course good news for Apple, even if the new iPhone 12 and 12 Pron have only been on the market for a few days. The WeChat ban could have had serious consequences: 19 million people use the app in the US, not to mention that this block could have been followed by new calls to boycott China.

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