In France, daily paperwork will be fully online until 2022

The Minister of Transformation and Public Service, Amélie de Montchalin, announced on Friday 23 October 2020 that a budget of 500 million euros will be earmarked for improving the quality of services for the French, making the most of the 250 will be fully functional online by 2022.

500 million euros for e-administration

No more long queues at the post office, Emmanuel Macron had promised in 2017 to make life easier for every citizen. Whether it’s activating social rights, applying for an important card, getting a social security certificate, or filing a complaint, these daily steps are entirely possible online.

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From January 1, 2021, 500 million euros will be released to speed up electronic administration in France. “The administration must be tailored to a country and company that are increasingly digitized,” explains the minister in an interview with Les Echos.

The recovery plan comprises 204 million euros for the profound transformation of the digital state, in particular by improving online procedures and exchanging data between administrations. In addition, € 208 million will be mobilized to provide agents with the best digital tools at a time when teleworking is increasingly recommended. The remaining 88 million euros will be used to support digital projects in local communities.

The government’s goal: 80% of the French are satisfied

Of the 2 million citizens who gave their opinion on the online procedures, 71% said they were satisfied. The government’s goal is to achieve 80% citizen satisfaction with digital approaches by 2022. Currently only 182 procedures can be carried out online, or 73% of the 250 most requested administrative procedures.

Amélie de Montchalin explains that the situation regarding the dematerialization of administrative procedures differs from ministry to ministry. For example, only 30% of legal proceedings are currently conducted online, with a satisfaction rate of 80%. Conversely, 66% of the Ministry of Maritime procedures are carried out online, with a low satisfaction rate of 45%.

100,000 jobs created for young people in the public sector

The minister insists that it is important not to leave anyone on the sidelines, especially people with disabilities who make up 18% of the French population.
This acceleration of electronic administration is not without the accompaniment of the creation of new jobs for young people whose government slogan is “1 young person: 1 solution”. Indeed, by 2021, 100,000 territorial civil service jobs are planned for citizens who want to contribute to France’s economic recovery.

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