IPhone 12 Pro display: shoot movies like the pros

Apple is offering an ad for its iPhone 12 Pro tonight. Apple is particularly focused on the video quality of the smartphone as it can film in Dolby Vision. This ad comes a few days after the one for the iPhone 12.

Apple’s message on its iPhone 12 Pro ad is that you can now record movies like popular productions using just your phone. Obviously, it will take the talent that goes with it. But at least you have the perfect camera for filming, so it’s a good place to start.

According to Apple, you can capture 60 times more colors with Dolby Vision. This is how the band describes it:

IPhone 12 Pro records HDR recordings from 8-bit to 10-bit. It can capture 700 million colors and deliver a more realistic video image than ever before. And he goes even further by filming in Dolby Vision, a format used in the world of cinema. You can even edit Dolby Vision videos and use AirPlay to see the detailed difference on the big screen.

For information: The recording in Dolby Vision is possible with up to 60 frames per second. With the front camera it is up to 30 pictures per second. This only applies to the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini cannot be recorded with Dolby Vision.

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