Questions of the day: CDU postpones party conference, collective bargaining community punishes Berlin – politics

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What happened?

• Are there new, stricter corona measures?

Even though the number of new infections is increasing rapidly, Germany is still doing relatively well in a European comparison. But that is anything but a reason to relax, because with these alarming values ​​the country started Corona week.

In Bavaria, the Rottal-Inn district has now also been ordered to close and the Chancellor and Prime Minister are expected to take tougher measures for all of Germany by mid-week. More about this in the news blog.

• Friedrich Merz on serious charges against the CDU leadership
The CDU party congress will be postponed to 2021. That in turn irritates Friedrich Merz enormously – also because his competitor Armin Laschet was clearly in favor of this step. Merz now etches en masse, Maria Fiedler knows more about that.

• The federal states’ collective bargaining community punishes Berlin
The capital now has no voting rights in the community, because of the non-tariff compensation for its 125,000 officials. And not only that: the state of Berlin is even threatened with permanent expulsion, Uli Zawatka-Gerlach knows more about that.

• Bushido talks about his marital problems in the trial of Arafat Abou-Chaker
The rapper’s wife wanted nothing to do with the clan chief. He had insulted her before. “I’ve made a clear decision in favor of the family,” Bushido said in court on Monday. “It was the personal low point in my life.”

• About the death of SPD politician Thomas Oppermann
He was a pragmatist, an instinctive politician with a sense of humor – but he was denied his political dream job. His death leaves a great void. An obituary for a politician with whom the voters have always been closer than the party.

What was discussed?

Caricature: Klaus Stuttmann

• No more tolerance towards radical Corona skeptics! A steadily radicalizing movement of reality deniers meets an overwhelmed or reluctant police. My colleague Julius Geiler reported on the wild corona protests on Sunday, for him there is now only one consequence. Read his comment here.

• Protests in Belarus: Minsk is the new Leipzig! In the center of Europe, what is currently the largest democracy movement shows the importance of freedom. The people of Belarus need our help now, demands Robert Ide.

• Why the “war of words” over the Mohammed cartoons is escalating: Turkish President Erdogan is deliberately heating up the cartoon dispute with Paris. But the conflict is also not inconvenient for the French head of state Macron. Albrecht Meier analyzes the background.

What can I read with a Tagesspiegel Plus subscription?

Berlin from above Photo: Shutterstock / immodium

• What will happen to Berlin when (almost) everything that makes it a metropolis disappears The corona pandemic will change the city far beyond the crisis. Maybe forever. How will it be? This next Berlin? Kai Müller answers questions in a smaller city.

• Why Germany so fundamentally misunderstands US presidents. A tough dog, a procrastinator, a real agitator – hardly any American president ever matched the image drawn of him in Germany. Malte Lehming with a very current review for the upcoming US election.

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• How millionaires invest their money – and how small investors can imitate it. Stocks, real estate gold: experts provide insight into the portfolios of the wealthy. This can also be faked with small sums of money. Robert Landgraf and Peter Köhler explain how this works.

• Corona and the great void – and why that doesn’t matter In lockdown, the soul becomes a retirement home, says Peter Sloterdijk, without visitors. The fear of boredom is great, but idleness is healthy. You just have to want it, Kerstin Decker writes. Because, “At the height of boredom, you experience the meaning of nothing.”

What can we do?

Television: Klaus Brinkbäumer, ex-editor of “Spiegel” and Tagesspiegel author, and documentary maker Stephan Lamby not only kept a close eye on US President Donald Trump for a year, but also closely followed the election campaigns of Republicans and Democrats.

The result is the long-term dystopian report “Im Wahn – Trump and the American Catastrophe”. You’re not in a good mood, but it’s totally worth seeing, says my colleague Kurt Sagatz. On ARD at 10:50 pm, today in the media library from 6:00 pm.

Streaming: On the other hand, this absolute US cinema highlight from 2006 puts you in a really good mood, which is why I would strongly recommend “Little Miss Sunshine” to you. With Amazon Prime also in the stream.

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Baking pies: That also puts a lot of people in a good mood – and certainly these two recipes for pear and chocolate cake and English pear pudding from my colleague Susanne Leimstoll. Good appetite!

What do I need to know for tomorrow?

If the AfD parliamentary group in Potsdam chooses a successor to their ex-boss Andreas Kalbitz next Tuesday, there will be musical protest before the state parliament. The concert pianist Igor Levit and the “Prinzen” singer Sebastian Krumbiegel protest and make music under the motto “wings instead of wings”.

Number of the day

The SAP share is worth around 96 euros on Monday evening – and that means a huge slump at the software manufacturer, which is actually Germany’s most important company in terms of market value. Thorsten Mumme explains why this is the case.

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