How Mastercard supports innovations in payment transactions

Digital technology today reflects a new concept of society that is infiltrating everywhere. Some historical actors are taking the lead by promoting innovation to encourage new uses. This is particularly the case with Mastercard. In this first podcast for Culture Numérique we talk to Alexandra Zana, Head of Business Development France at Mastercard. For more than 10 years, the company has been offering fintech startups support structures and trying to position itself as an important player in the payments market.

Alexandra Zana: “In a certain sense, we consider Mastercard to be a great fintech because we are 85 Parisian employees. It’s less than some other fintechs. We want to be the reference partner when it comes to supporting fintech startups. In my department, our mission is to develop tomorrow’s business for Mastercard. We support our customers with their payment process and also promote new payment methods. “

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A support system for fintech startups

In 2020 the fintech industry is full of energy. A very healthy market. In 2019 there were several large donation campaigns with Qonto (104 million euros) and Spendesk (35 million euros). New initiatives are driving the emergence of new players in this market. Mastercard has set up support systems for a selection of fintech startups. The aim is to master the challenges of agility and innovation.

In June 2020 in particular, the company started the Fintech Express program, which is intended to accelerate the marketing of partner companies. Mastercard is also using an international launch accelerator. Mastercard supports three fintech startups: Betterway, Shine and Handsome. Three companies that meet specific requirements. Over the course of the week, on Culture Numérique, you will learn how Mastercard is partnering with these companies that offer real value in use, where payment is a means above the value proposition.

Alexandra Zana explains, “At the heart of the value proposition is to facilitate the experience and use of the various populations that these three startups want to reach through the means of payment.”

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