Decision on the presidency of the CDU: actually there could be a vote tomorrow … – Politics

Morning! Better tomorrow. Well, the day after tomorrow, because there is a lot to organize. But wait until January with the party congress? Or even longer? The big CDU seems to be losing its benchmark. This country is largely ruled by a party that revolves around itself in the crisis. The question of who should lead her after Angela Merkel, after Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer. Because he might be the next chancellor. State aid is different.

Are there still members in the CDU who do not know who stands for what? Who can you vote for? Those would be political hermits. No one escapes the relevant reports, especially anyone interested. One can assume that with the supporters of the Union. There has been constant back and forth discussions, the advantages of the three candidates are weighed against each other, their disadvantages no less. Friedrich Merz, Armin Laschet, Norbert Röttgen – any questions?

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If so, they can be answered virtually. Or not? That would be a hit for Rezo and Co: The Democratic Party in the big US shows it – but the CDU in the smaller Germany is not copying it. Because she can’t? The point is that you quickly organize a party decision on the internet. It is better not to say that there is no virtual presence. What is already being tackled in this way in society! And that is also desired by the government, with the CDU in the first place.

In the name of the sovereign

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures, don’t they? The government, with Merkel at the helm, has no problem arguing in this way to justify its actions with legal instruments. The President of Parliament can say that Parliament would be the better place to find the best solution for the public, in the name of the sovereign. But it doesn’t change anything so far.

And should it not be possible for the CDU to prescribe a new form of party convention? One in the network for 1001 participants or more, with a legal basis? Should be OK. There must be so much going on now. But above all faster. The country and the CDU have even more important things to do. Or is it not true what Merkel says in public and behind closed doors?

Harmful intrigue

She says it can always get worse. Then the priority must logically lie with the permanent decision-making capacity, including securing it quickly where necessary. Intrigues in the party only lead to the “disastrous competition” against which the incumbent boss Kramp-Karrenbauer has always warned.

Apparently not powerful enough. For example, the postponement of December 4 – already too late – to next year is due to Armin Laschet, because he has campaigned for it. If she hadn’t come now, he could have saved the request for the chair. For lack of authority. But not to mention a new date – that’s small. It doesn’t work like that.

If the CDU is to continue to rule after Merkel, it must make it clear that it can make a quick decision and focus on the essentials: convincing the people there in the country of the meaning of their Corona action. It is the time of big politics. Better yesterday than tomorrow.

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