How do I set up an optimal HR process?

In service companies, the assignment of employees to different projects is a central issue. Behind this operation hides the concept of staffing. A term that is important because staffing determines a (large) part of the profitability of a service company. However, setting up an optimal process is not always easy. Handcrafted staffing tools, duplicate entries, and information opacity are some of the reasons under-optimizing staffing.

Before we go into more detail on the white paper proposed by PickYourSkills, which has already been adopted by companies such as Capgemini, Mazars or EDF, it is important to define the concept of staffing.

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What is staff?

Personnel is a well-known term in service companies. This term simply refers to the art of assigning employees to the various customer projects that are sold by the company. Today staffing is mainly based on the availability of employees. However, for the proper functioning of the company, it is important to take into account other factors such as ambitions and skills, which are not always easy and often turn the staff into a real headache.

The reasons and consequences of not optimal staffing

Despite the goodwill of those responsible for staffing, the HR process often suffers from a lack of optimization and efficiency. The reason ? Poor data centralization, overuse of Excel or even a lack of integration between the personal tool and the other tools used in the company.

The consequences of these mistakes are manifold and can be felt at all levels of the company:

Waste of time for HR managers Pressure on staffing by managers Frustration for managers with urgent needs Dissatisfaction of employees with their inability to have reliable activity indicators for managers WHITE BOOK

With a comprehensive white paper, PickYourSkills offers various options for optimizing staff as well as advice on developing and improving employee engagement through “intelligent” personnel decisions. This startup offers a SaaS that allows companies to assign the right employees for a mission based on various criteria or project constraints. A software that has been adopted by a large number of companies such as Capgemini, Mazars or even EDF, which allows them to put together the best teams for any project!

Good human resource practices

First and foremost, the appointment of a human resources manager is essential. The latter coordinates inquiries and is impartial! Your role is strategic in the HR process. It is also important to have regular staffing discussions with employees to understand everyone’s wants and challenges. Staffing rules also need to be put in place so that staffing requests are as clear as possible, processed as quickly as possible and the “wild staffing” is ended.

The white paper is divided into 5 main parts. The first allows us to come back to all the reasons that can under-optimize the HR process. The second part shows the consequences of suboptimal staffing. Third, the criteria for selecting a personnel platform are detailed, in particular the importance of the connections to the various existing tools in the company. Then the essential points for creating an optimal personnel organization are presented. Finally, the White Paper discusses the key elements for creating successful hiring proposals. Everything summarized in a checklist that enables you to set up an optimal personnel process!


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