It is now possible to make purchases through WhatsApp

WhatsApp, Facebook’s instant messaging application, continues to evolve to include shopping functionality. This is great news for businesses. As TechCrunch explains, professionals can sell their products directly on WhatsApp, and this could be a small revolution.

Ready to shop on WhatsApp?

Behind this update is that Facebook wants its users to spend more time with their app by making their purchases without leaving WhatsApp. The company released this promotional video to highlight this new feature:

According to the information published by WhatsApp, it is very easy to make purchases in the application. All the user has to do is send a message to a company to inform them of their request. The latter can respond with a link to a product catalog. Logically, the consumer can then place items in their shopping cart and buy them directly in the application.

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Since WhatsApp Business launched in 2018, the messaging platform has approximately 50 million businesses and 175 million users regularly text them. With a base of 2 billion users, the company believes that such a feature will be of interest. The Facebook group is making great efforts to expand their shopping capabilities through their apps. We are particularly thinking of the recent launch of Facebook Shops.

One step closer to the super app model

In its update, WhatsApp states that merchants can add buy buttons in multiple places to get users to chat. It also says: “We want to make it easier for companies to integrate these functions into their existing business solutions. This new functionality is also intended to help many small businesses that have been hard hit by the pandemic and economic crisis. “

However, if WhatsApp Pay is not yet available for the application, this payment method was tested a few months ago in Brazil before the country’s government suspended testing. The Central Bank of the Latin American country said in June: “We are making the decision to maintain a fair competitive environment in the field of mobile payments and to ensure the functioning of a payment system that is interchangeable, fast, secure and transparent, open and inexpensive”.

It’s certainly a matter of months, but WhatsApp will eventually develop its integrated payment solution, there’s no doubt about that. This new feature brings the application a little closer to its Chinese equivalent: WeChat. A great application that allows you to do anything: play, pay, buy, watch videos, write to loved ones, etc.

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