MagSafe: For 15W, the 20W adapter from Apple is required

The MagSafe charger enables wireless charging of up to 15W on the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. It’s twice as fast as older iPhones. For optimal wireless charging, however, you need the new 20 W power adapter from Apple.

The Zollotech YouTube channel tested the MagSafe charger with various power supplies. Only one can reach 15W: it’s the 20W power supply from Apple. With the others, the load is 10W at best. This even happens with Apple’s 96W power adapter for the MacBook Pro. Suffice it to say that it is a bit of a stain.

Here is the charge that will be obtained with each power adapter connected to the MagSafe charger

Apple 20W power supply – 15W Apple 18W power supply – 13W Apple 96W power supply for MacBook Pro – 10W Anker PowerPort Atom PD1 30W – 7.5W to 10W Aukey power supply 65 W – 8 W to 9 W power supply for Pixel – 7.5 W to 9 W. Power supply for Galaxy Note 20 Ultra – 6 W to 7 W.

Here’s how you got it: If you want the best charging experience with the MagSafe charger, you need to use the 20 W power adapter from Apple. Apple recently put it on sale, at a price of 25 euros.

Obviously, this test isn’t terrible for Apple and its environmental argument. The manufacturer said removing the power supply from the box would be good for the planet. However, today we are learning that in order to take advantage of 15W wireless, you need to purchase the new 20W power adapter with MagSafe charger. An existing charger is not sufficient. Ouch.

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